ATTENTION All Registered Republicans of Jessamine County, A MASS COUNTY MEETING will be held on March 21, 2024 and you are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to attend.

Featured: Matt Lockett, State Rep for the 39th District- What is going on in FRANKFORT?

And Primary Candidates for the 45th and 55th State Rep. District races will answer your questions on why they are running to represent YOU.

PURPOSE: Beginning the state delegate selection process for the 2024 Presidential Election.

WHERE: Wilmore City Hall at 7:00 pm. See how to pre-register* below as the meeting and voting will begin promptly at 7:00.

Registration is mandatory and will begin at 6:30. BRING YOUR ID!

Per the KY Republican Party Rules, the Jessamine County committee, consisting of 64 elected Precinct Captains, nominated a slate of delegates to attend the District and State Conventions where the final delegates will be selected to attend the National Convention at our regularly scheduled meeting on February 8. ALL registered Republicans in the county are qualified to vote on the slate or nominate their own slate to be voted on March 21.

You will also receive information on the VERY IMPORTANT:


We have a VERY busy year ahead with the Presidential election and our County Party Reorganization in January 2025. Any and all of you can get involved NOW. Our goal is to vote in Precinct captains, co-captains and youth captains for all 36 precincts (108 total representatives with a voice) The only qualification is to be a registered Republican in Jessamine Co. with a desire to represent your precinct and its conservative values by participating in this Party Reorganization. These elections will take place in January 2025. More Information to come.

* pre-registration is NOT required but due to concerns over possible high turnout, we are VERY concerned that we may be unable to process ALL late registrations at the door.  We will do our best to process these as quickly as possible, but remember that each registrant has to be VERIFIED as being eligible before registration, and their photo ID examined and compared to the voter registrations on the lists, before a name tag is issued.

The Jessamine County Republican Party

wants you to be in our “information loop”

The challenge in communicating with our fellow Jessamine County Republicans is that we need to use methods of communication that do not require significant expense, such as mailing material through the post office. We neither have the funds or budget for such costly communication.

There are three low cost ways for us to communicate with you:

  1. Email
  2. Text (smartphone)
  3. Phone

The lists of voters that we work with begins with the voter lists that we receive from the Republican Party of Kentucky. Most of the information in those lists is obtained by the Republican Party from the Secretary of State for Kentucky. Such lists are made available by the Secretary of State to all political parties and interest groups.

The RPK then supplements those lists with phone lists that they buy from third party vendors. Most of the phone numbers that we are ultimately given are bad or wrong phone numbers (or there is no phone number at all). We learn which phone numbers are good or bad when our volunteers make calls to Republicans during political campaigns or when we are conducting political surveys to find out what your views are on various political issues.

During our last “Special Election” for state senator, where we had 7 short weeks in which to alert voters to the existence of that election, many of our fellow Republicans did not get the information about that election. If we had your correct cell phone number (for texts), your email address, or your correct home phone number, it would have been easy to contact you.

You can help us address this issue by completing the following “Contact Form”. This will give us the information that we need to stay in touch with you.

IMPORTANT: Your information is carefully guarded and minimally used. It is NOT provided “upline” to larger Republican groups as we all get those spam emails.

SUMMARY: We can’t stay in touch with you if you do NOT help us by giving us your contact information.

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    If you have ANY questions or need help with the above form, you may:

    Call Bob Barney at (859) 552-4644

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