2021 Republican Precinct Convention

You Must Register to Attend Convention*

Background: Every 4 years the Republicans of each voting precinct in Kentucky are entitled to attend their precinct convention to elect their 3 Precinct Captains (aka Precinct Officers; ONE of which will be a Youth Captain who must be 40 years of age or younger at the time of the election).  Precinct Captains represent the Republican voters of their precinct on their respective County’s Republican Party.   

The Republican Party of Jessamine County has set the following date for Republicans to vote in Jessamine County’s precinct elections.

If you live in the:

39th House District (Matt Lockett) – you will vote in Nicholasville at the Jessamine County Courthouse on Saturday, June 19, 2021

(scroll down for all actual times of the precinct elections)

ALL Republicans in Jessamine County, who were registered to vote for the November 2020 general election, and who are still registered as Republicans, are entitled to vote in the upcoming precinct conventions. We urge you to pre-register by the Friday night* immediately before the Saturday of your precinct election.

Registration is FREE for Republicans ONLY*

    Additional Information

    IMPORTANT:  When you arrive to vote in your precinct convention, you must provide photo ID to obtain your pre-printed voter Registration ID* in order to vote at the convention.

    Please bring a copy of the email that you receive confirming your registration. In the event that we do not have your ID on file, another ID will be prepared if you have that email.

    If you have ANY questions or need help with the above form, you may call:

    Brian O’Leary at (859) 321-0944

    Bob Barney at (859) 552-4644

    Date, Times and Location to vote:

    June 19, 2021 – 39th House District (Matt Lockett)

    Jessamine County Courthouse

    101 N. Main Street, Nicholasville

    at 9am  (please arrive at 8:30am to obtain your registration ID)

    • A101 East Nicholasville #1 
    • A102 East Nicholasville #2 
    • A103 West Nicholasville #1  
    • A104 West Nicholasville #2  
    • A105 West Nicholasville #3  
    • A106 Keene Place #1  
    • A107 Keene Place #2  

    at 10am  (please arrive at 9:30am to obtain your registration ID)

    • B101 Marble Creek #1  
    • B102 Marble Creek #2  
    • B103 Marble Creek #3  
    • B104 The Vineyard  
    • B105 The Orchard  
    • C101 Sulphur Well  
    • C102 Little Hickman  

    at 11am  (please arrive at 10:30am to obtain your registration ID)

    • C103 Maple Leaf  
    • C104 Southeast Nicholasville #1  
    • C105 Southbrook  
    • D101 Northeast US 68  
    • D102 Paddock  
    • D103 Bethel  
    • D107 High Bridge  

    at 12pm  (please arrive at 11:30am to obtain your registration ID)

    • E101 North Keene  
    • F101 Southwest Nicholasville #1
    • F102 Southwest Nicholasville #2
    • F103 Southwest Nicholasville #3  
    • F104 Southwest Nicholasville #4  
    • F105 Southwest Nicholasville #5

    * pre-registration is NOT required but due to concerns over possible high turnout, we are VERY concerned that we may be unable to process ALL late registrations at the door.  We will do our best to process these as quickly as possible, but remember that each registrant has to be VERIFIED as being eligible before registration, and their photo ID examined and compared to the voter registrations on the lists, before a name tag is produced and issued.  This ensures that everyone votes in their precinct, and NOT in other precincts.  It is important to remember that we have about 22,000 Republicans in Jessamine County.  Anyone NOT registered and processed by the time that their precinct election begins will be unable to vote.  Voting is live, and once the live vote has been taken and concluded, and the elected position filled, there will be no opportunity to consider any late vote.

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